Doc Kinkaid

Veteran hero


Doctor Kinkaid appears to be a cute, petite fourteen year old girl with a mop of brown hair. She is often seen wearing a lab coat over comfortable casual clothes and sometimes she wears glasses. Not that she has a prescription; she just thinks they make her look older and people might take her more seriously as a result.


Few heroes have had a more interesting or varied career than Doctor Teresa Kinkaid, also known as Special K and Doc Atomica. Born a genius and earning several degrees by age twelve, she discovered early on she had a rare genetic disorder known as Nevison’s syndrome. She knew that by age sixteen she would likely be a quadriplegic and by age twenty, dead. She developed what she thought was a vaccine and desperate to try it out immediately before waiting two years for the FDA to clear it for human trials, she used herself as a guinea pig. The cure was not a cure at all and instead it activated her metahuman gene. The disease was arrested, and she developed a host of super powers, including incredible agility, super strength, heightened durability and the ability to heal some ten times faster than normal. The cost was her aging was arrested: she would be fourteen forever. The other was she was no longer a genius. Oh, she was still smart, still a member of MENSA in good standing. But that creative spark, that brilliance that allowed her to stave off paralysis and death, that was gone.

Over the years Teresa’s powers changed, she had acquired a clone, had joined the Vindicators, led her own team, Avant Guard. Now her team is long disbanded, The Vindicators retired, her sister and her parents dead. At age fifty she has settled down and now practices medicine at Gateway Memorial, her study of genetics occupying most of her time, although she likes to spend a few shifts in pediatrics and with children with terminal illnesses.

POWERS: Teresa has the ability to quickly heal from any injury save one that would kill her outright. She has regenerated fingers (although it does take some weeks for such a recovery to occur), fully recuperated from concussions and even survived exposure to a class IV virus. This power is what holds her Nevison’s Syndrome in check; it still sits in her cells, waiting for release. During those rare times when she has suffered broken bones her body quickly resets them, no matter how much it hurts. It is estimated she heals some ten times faster than a normal healthy person.

Teresa is very strong and has been classified a “brick” by Pure Power Plant scale (albeit at the lower end of that scale), and she is resistant to damage; she is able to withstand small arms fire without serious injury and can endure temperature extremes from the arctic to Death Valley. Her reflexes and agility both are abnormally high and she has been able to incorporate her advantages into an eclectic and very effective fighting style that makes the most of her speed and small size. She is able to leap great heights and distances, over a hundred yards straight up and up to a half a mile in distance. She is able to maintain a sustained run up to forty miles per hour, with short bursts almost twice that, and swim at ten knots. Teresa still needs to breath, but is able to hold her breath for up to ten minutes provided she does not have exert herself.

Teresa has excellent motor control and is able to use her strength to create hand holds in many conventional building materials such as concrete and brick.

Teresa is highly intelligent and has a Doctorate in Genetics. She is also a talented chess player, a decent singer and can play a mean axe. She is also a pretty good dancer.

In the field Teresa often has on her person a well equipped compact first aid/trauma kit, as well as a Swiss Army knife, multi-tool, phone, and zip ties (for tying up perps), as well as extra rubber gloves and evidence bags.


Doc Kinkaid

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