Selena Gordon

SCPD Captain (NPC, WIP)


Selena Gordon is an attractive woman with an athletic build, she stands at an imposing five foot ten and has cold blue eyes along with shoulder length blonde hair she often wears in a short bun to keep out of the way. She is seldom seen out of uniform, and when she is it is usually in conservative pantsuits, and there is an almost military bearing about her, a state of near perpetual readiness.


Selena Gordon had been an United States Air Force pilot who had honorably resigned her commission when she grew dissatisfied with her work. She had opted to enter civilian life as an airline pilot, but a friend of her suggested another line of work, that as the pilot for a new super hero team in Science City called The Vindicators. She agreed and found the work to be both rewarding and highly dangerous. Over the years she had been shot out of the sky no less than twelve times. Then the team broke up and she resolved to take up a less dangerous line of work by opening up a charter service in Alaska. Then one day she received a call from Teresa Kinkaid, asking for her help. Someone was hunting old Vindicators and Teresa needed a pilot. Selena did not hesitate, she answered the call, dusted off the old Vindicators jet and she aided Kinkaid and the others in what would later on be known as The Immortal War.

Annette had been an ally of The Vindicators who turned out to have her own agenda. She had sponsored the team for reasons of her own and when she discovered in a potential future she had no place in a cabal of immortals ruling Earth, she set out to kill those immortals in the present. The result was a violent conflict that brought Annette down, but not without cost. Unlucky thirteen had come up, Selena crashed again. Only this time it was nearly fatal. Gordon survived, but with horrific burns across almost her entire body as well as numerous trauma. Kinkaid called in favors, made deals, saved her friend and restored her to health through means both magical and hi tech. Gordon was as good as new.

Physically. Mentally…was another matter. She was changed now, harder, angrier, with a deep seated resentment against super humans. This prompted her to join the SCPD, who had begun a “First Precinct” program where specially trained police officers armed with the latest technology, piloting flying cars, would be first responders to super crime. Gordon attended the Academy, spent a year as a uniformed police officer and then was appointed head of the program based on her Air Force commission and first hand experience as The Vindicators pilot. She took to the job with a will, proving herself time and again. She was a super villain’s worst enemy.

But no friend to super heroes…

Selena Gordon

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