Artificer extraordinary


Physical Description: James Stands 6’ 2", coming in a 225lbs. Ragnarok Built himself to make use of the runic weapons he constructed, giving him a Jock like appearance. Has wild white hair, often wearing a read long coat.


Real name: James M. Starchaser. (often just call Jim or Jimmy)


Jim always seemed to have a grasp of Magical theory ever since highschool. By the time he was 16 he had already had mastery over space. (Which nearly got him kicked of the foot ball team.) He was hoping to get an athletic scholarship to one of the three magical schools, where he could further enhance his understanding of magic and expand his powers.

What he discovered to his dismay. The recruiters deemed him that his potential was limited. regardless of his understanding of theory, They didn’t think Jim could effectively wield magic beyond his powers of space control. But by chance encounter, he ran into a man who called himself Fenrir. Who insisted that his understanding of theory could be used to create “Enchantments.” Devices of magic, that were not reliant on anyone’s potential.

Intrigued by Fenrir’s claim, He started an apprenticeship under him as soon as got out of high school. Jim was a quick study. Just two years in, he was able to craft his own runic weapons. Exhibiting powers well beyond his own ability to control space. However, their research on such devices of power became costly, and simply selling their creations were not enough to pay the bills. Fenrir had to talk Jim into performing seedy actions to actually finance their research. It started as acts of petty theft, but the actions grew darker. Jim began to grow suspicious of his master when he had to use their craft to silence a witness. Using the tools that Jim swore was made for self defense.

Eventually, Jim could no longer stomach the hainus deeds they had been doing, and he wanted out. And that’s when he learned of Fenrir’s ultimate creation. A thought bomb that would erase the memories of the towns folk. Ultimately, this was suppose to be Fenrir’s clean slate, causing the people to forget about the actions they have taken. Jim decided to destroy that device, using his largest and most powerful Runic weapon “The Ruin Blade,” a weapon Jim was certain was large enough to kill a titan.

The bomb was destroyed almost immediately, causing an aftershock that affected Fenrir’s memories instead. Most of Jim’s effects were stuffed into an extra dimensional pocket, created by his spacial magic. The rest of Fenrir’s magic devices were left to the police, while Jim caught the next Greyhound out of town. Uncertain whether his past would come back to haunt him, He was convinced that he would not allow his, or any other device be used to harm another. After which he decided to dye his hair white, and use the alias Ragnarok, and he gets off the grey hound, and enters Science City.


While Ragnarok has no formal training, he does have ample amount of skill in swordmanship. (A highly freestyled art that makes the most use of his weapons magical attributes.) He further augmented his training with bits of Tai Quan Do, kick boxing, and bits and pieces from other martial arts. He is also fairly agile, and is also a master of parkour.

And don’t let his Jock like appearance fool you. He’s actually quite knowledgeable about a number of things. Mainly surrounding magical devices and artifacts. And because of his former criminal background, he has a good understanding on how a criminal thinks, how they might tackle a big heist.

Powers and Devices:

Ragnarok’s primary power is his ability to control space. This allows him a number of utilities.
-An extra intentional space where he stores his various equipment.
-The ability to warp in a straight line, Via bending space around him. This allows him to close the distance between his targets, as well as make impressive leaps.
-The ability to bring light weight objects towards him, also as a product of his space bending. This can allow him to recall his weapons if he gets disarmed, or if he throws them.

His Primary weapons are
-The Ruin Blade: An Oversized Great sword. Which he commonly uses against over sized targets.
-Storm Surge: An electric, two pronged spear. The two prongs give it an effect similar to a stun gun, when less lethal force is required.
-Fire Dragon: A katana with a fire affinity to it. It’s scabbard is also enchanted to be usually strong.

He also Dons an enchanted long coat which he call’s “the coat of the Salamander” It has the appearance of red leather. but extremely strong, acting as a sort of armor. It’s also fire resistant.


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