Full time scientist, part time hero (GMPC)


Oblique is an attractive woman in her early thirties with short black hair and blue-green eyes. She stands five foot nine and has a lean, athletic build from lots of bicycling, yoga and savate practice. As Oblique her costume consists of fashions leaning towards steampunk sensibilities, such as mina jackets and frock coats.



Sorel Laurent had been a highly intelligent medical student who had the good fortune to serve her internship at Gateway Memorial. She had angled for a position in extra-terrestrial studies, most notably a series of symbiotic life forms stored in one of the sub levels. The life forms had presumably been tools employed by alien travelers who employed these genetically engineered creatures to interface with organically grown vessels. One of the symbiotes had wound up in the hands of the Science Squad, and later a young woman had found it and used it to become the heroine Qi Lin, another had become joined with the Vindicator Redcap. The other symbiotes and the vessel had been held by ECLIPSE, a super secret organization that confronted alien threats, but had gone too far and saw all alien incursions as hostile. In the wake of ECLIPSE’s demise the symbiotes fell into the hands of Gateway Memorial for researach.

Sorel found the research fascinating, especially how the strange creatures seemed able to interface safely with humans despite them not being designed to do so. Then “D-Day” happened and the hospital was shaken to it’s foundations. One of the containment units shattered, a symbiote was free. Instinct caused it to look for a host.

Sorel’s scream only made it easier to slide down her throat.

In the coming weeks it took a period of adjustment, but Sorel finally learned how to use her newfound powers, to manipulate gravity. She took the name “Oblique” because she liked doing tricks like attacking people by standing on walls or ceilings, coming at enemies from odd angles. She spend a couple years in Science City acting as a government employed super heroine during those days when the city was still acclimating to the chaos of being a pan dimensional nexus. Ultimately she left Science City for France. Over the next several years she had engaged on numerous adventures, focusing on Marseilles, France, due to it’s high crime rate.

Sorel went into semi-retirement as a super heroine, keeping her hand in when friends asked for help. But these days she has found the desire to get involved in super heroics growing steadily stronger…


Sorel is an insatiably curious, intelligent adventurous individual, one could say that she was a bit of a renaissance woman. While she had repeatedly claimed she was a scientist first, over the years she found herself engaged in numerous adventures world wide. Her tendency to roam has put a crimp in her ability to publish scientific articles, but what she has published in regards to alien physiology has been recognized as excellent work.


Sorel is an experience medical doctor specializing in the field of xenobiology. She is a talented cyclist, having competed during her medical school days. While savate had been more of a hobby when she was younger, she took it far more seriously once she became a “super heroine” and also learned some Muy Thai techniques as well. Her years traveling around the world have given her some experience with various underworld organizations and international super villains. French is her native language and she has picked up several dialects, as well as a little Thai.

Sorel is a skilled in the use of the sling shot. By no means a true marksman, she is not a bad shot and can easily hit a stationary man sized target up to 40 meters away.


Oblique is a master of gravity manipulation, both to make objects and people lighter or heavier. Her favorite tactic is to re-orient gravity about her person standing on walls or ceilings and attacking her opponents from unexpected directions. She is able to make enemies heavier, forcing human sized targets feel up to ten times heavier. Another of her favorite attacks is to make an opponent lighter and to kick them to send them flying many meters. Sorel often makes herself lighter to allow her to travel a great many meters at a leap, floating through the air, bouncing from building to building.

The criteria regarding how heavy or light she can make an object is in relation to it’s mass and how far away she is from it. Standing beside an automobile sized object, she is able to reduce some 95% of it’s weight (One thing she laments about America is preponderance of pickup trucks and SUVs), for example. But standing only several meters away and that amount sharply drops.

Sorel is able to generate “negative gravity”, essentially allowing her to "thrust away from large bodies (i.e. planet Earth) but this is rather difficult and thusfar she has only been able to use it on herself.


Sorel’s costumes are made with the most durable protective materials, such as duraweave and teflex. Beneath her clothes she also wears a “corset” of teflex plates to mostly protect her spine. She often has on hand Steampunk style goggles that offer a variety of vision enhancing and protecting features.
On hand she also has a collection of useful tools kept in pouches on her person, such as a first aid kit, Swiss Army knife, gas mask, etc. Once a situation came up where she found herself lacking the item that cold have helped, she added it to the list of items. This explains the small roll of duct tape.

Oblique acquired a “Tesla gun” on one of her adventures, what she called a spoil of war when she took down a “mad scientist”. She liked his pistol so much she had a friend redesign it’s look and add in a safety feature so it would only recognize her biometric signature. It throws bolts of electricity, the power levels ranging from a powerful taser to a respectable jolt of lightning. The larger the blast the quicker the internal battery is drained, so Oblique uses it sparingly.


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