Alias: Wilson Beck


Appearance: Wilson Beck is a 26 year caucasian male, his short but dark brown hair and average musculature easily lost in the sea of faces on a busy street. At 5’7" he doesn’t cut an impressive figure but he’s athletic enough to get out of a tight spot. As Onan, his chromium body coating and neon visor strike an intimidating and bright figure.


Psyche: Beck likes to think smart and try to fix things or situations as cleverly as possible, he doesn’t shy away from a good laugh or some physical labour either. He doesn’t hide these facets as Onan either, with the added temper that occasionally flares when the bad guys don’t want to come around to his way of thinking.

Ability: Onan has always understood machines and code, tinkering or programming with anything and everything. This extends to his symbiotic relationship with the nanites inhabiting his organics and enables him to control them, combine them and construct them into almost anything he can think of.

Nanode’s powers work via a brain-machine interface whereby the tiny drones bots have chemical components that charge and discharge similarly to synapses, enabling them to both send and interpret signals from a biological host. They are then connected to each other by a bio-fi network that amplifies the body’s electromagnetic fields. In this manner Nanode can send messages to robots close to his brain which are then broadcast in a chain reaction to the rest of them. Their design allows them to interconnect and form shapes. Densely packing them produced sturdier structures and spreading them sparsely creates more fluid objects. By combining teams of shapes he can form machines with moving parts and even use the nanites storage capacity to power them if required.

Background: Wilson was an exemplary student at a mediocre Science City school, part of Tokyo West’s generation of intellectuals that were promised everything and left with nothing. By the time he’d finished the education the institution had made him pay for there were no real jobs in any of the fields he’d spent the years honing his skills on. However, an olive branch was offered by Optimum Industries, effectively an internship program that allowed the top 3 finalists in a scientific show case to land jobs as lab assistants for ongoing projects at the corporation’s various secretive sites. Wilson was never going to miss a chance to apply his technological prowess to visions of the future and threw himself into the competition. He won it of course, awkwardly befriending Madison Lacey along the way. They became quick friends and he helped her to secure second place. Unfortunately their positions in the top 3 meant they’d be separated and assigned to OI project leaders across the city. They kept in contact though, regularly Face-Placing each other and constant texting. Wilson enjoyed their communications until one day Madison seemingly dropped off the face of the planet. She stopped responding to his messages, no longer updated her profiles and when Wilson wanted to visit her the OI office wouldn’t give him any information, citing that the project she had been involved with was under confidentiality restrictions. Wilson returned to his own project, deciding he would use his technological aptitude to access OI’s systems and see what he could find out. Unfortunately his initial investigation for Madison’s address raised red flags in Optimum’s shadow division and they tried to make Wilson disappear to. He was taken by surprise and captured, every trace of his online presence deleted and his movements restricted to an underground facility where he discovered students from OI’s apprenticeship program were being detained and experimented on. He realised that they were test subjects for project ‘Onan’, the one he’d been assigned to work on under Dr. Crawley, with the goal of producing nanites that would integrate with, draw power from and ultimately enhance the human body. A noble pursuit he agreed, if they hadn’t been kidnapping and forcibly injecting unwilling subjects for their tests. He couldn’t let this continue and took it upon himself to attempt an escape with the other students. Attacking the guards and causing a distraction worked pretty well to start with but Wilson had never been physically intimidating and was subdued. He awoke strapped to an examination table, confronted by Dr. Crawley, his program mentor. The Doctor apologised for Wilson’s predicament but went ahead and introduced him to the real project ‘Onan’ anyway, injecting him with a newly developed Nanoteria, small replicating biologically powered machines. The compounds bonded with Wilson’s genetics, as expected, but upon reaching his brain an entirely new reaction occurred when they tried to fix a brain tumor no one knew he had. It stopped them interacting with a brain chemical that had so far caused every subject to burn out. This deus ex biologica enabled the Nanoteria to integrate with Beck’s body without overriding his mind. OI’s science and security wasn’t prepared for Wilson’s upgraded form and he was able to manipulate the machines into a series of devices and weapons that allowed him an angry and very destructive escape. He laid low for a while but that only gave Optimum time to prepare for his return and blame the loss of a facility on him as a disgruntled employee. Although he can’t attack them directly, he won’t give up looking for Madison and eventually making them pay for the lives they’ve so callously experimented with, calling himself ‘Onan’ after the project’s codename so that OI will never forget who’s coming for them.


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