Madeline Auger

Super genius teen (NPC)




Some kids have normal childhoods. They’re born, they go to school, they grow up and dream of going to college and having careers.

And then there is Madeline Auger, who was illegally cloned by Maggie Auger, the woman formerly known as Maid of Awesome.

To say Maddie’s childhood was unique is something of an understatement. Knowing her little science experiment might be taken away from her, Maddie’s mother (Or sister, depending on which scientist and/or lawyer you ask.) had to keep her little girl hidden. Maggie’s parents were so used to their little mad scientist doing insane things being asked to help raise her girl did not come as a surprise to them at all. They found the experience to be bizarre, a sort of continuous deja vu moments as Madeline grew up. But at least this time Maggie was there to help.

Maddie was home schooled, her past a forgery so that the Canadian government would not take her from her family. Finally the truth had to come out, but Maggie had been planning for that eventuality for years, buying politicians left and right in a manner so unethical it risked super villain levels of scale. But it worked and Maddie was recognized as a legal Canadian citizen and Maggie was only fined a hundred million dollars. Six hours after her legal standing was secured, Maddie staged her first act of true defiance; she put in a claim to be named an emancipated minor.

Her mother couldn’t have been more proud.

Madeline is a highly intelligent young lady, potentially the rival of her mother in terms of creative technical talent. And like her mother at that age she possesses a manic energy that she channels into numerous projects to keep her brain active. While sometimes she will affect an air of mild disinterest, her fertile imagination is constantly coming up with ideas.

Maddie might not always show it, but she loves her mother very much. She also sometimes resents Maggie a bit, as it is difficult to forge a new path when the “older model” had already been there. For this reason Maddie is always on the lookout to do things her mother hasn’t done, among them forming a super hero team.

Madeline has no super powers outside of her fearsome intellect and inventive genius. She never goes anywhere without a small arsenal of gadgets on her person, from a force field Swatch (She is totally old school), to anti-gravity Converse sneakers, to even the mundane Swiss Army knife (She collects them as a hobby), Maddie always strives to be prepared for the worst.


Madeline Auger

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