Immortal Elemental


APPEARANCE: Molly is an attractive woman standing five foot seven with a fit build born from jogging and pilates. She has warm brown eyes and wears her straight shoulder length brown hair normally in a pony tail. Her clothing is usually casual although she does own a few heels and one very nice black dress.


Loki stands a couple inches taller and possesses a more voluptuous frame, with hair that looks like it is living flame dancing about her head. Her eyes are bright orange and her skin becomes orange-red, as if she had been dipped into liquid latex. She does not wear a costume, as the effect of her skin suggests she is wearing one. Her voice takes on a huskier, more sensual tone.


Once there was a young Archeology student named Astrid Ibsen, a Norwegian working on a Viking dig in Ireland. She uncovered a strange ring with unusual markings that did not match the date of the site. The ring turned out to be the home of an ancient elemental being last known as Loki, god of fire and mischief. Elementals had walked the Earth for millennia, often mistaken for gods. Some would be reincarnated, living numerous lives, while others were trapped in vessels such as pendants or rings, awaiting a time when they might take possession of an unwary host.

Fortunately for Astrid, Loki might have been the “goddess” of mischief, but she was not unreasonable. The pair had shared an uneasy alliance of sorts and over time Astrid grew to actually like being a hero, fighting alongside the likes of The Vindicators, Storm Guard, The Dragon Slayers. The partnership ended and Loki was magically lobotomized by the Tandians, and then later paired with a young woman named Eko Lau who changed their name to Pele, after the Hawaiian goddess of fire. After that people lost track of the being known as Loki.

Until one day a certain heroine found a black envelope with a ring in it. Thus there was a quest to find a wearer for the ring and it ultimately landed on the finger of Molly McLoughlin, a psychic who had been a private detective who had been shot in the head. Really four personalities in one body, with three able to manifest themselves with psychic bodies. But after the gunshot Molly’s personality had gone silent and the other three lost their ability to manifest, with each able to control the body they were trapped in.

And then they found Loki’s ring and Molly had returned…

PERSONALITY: Molly is an introverted personality who nevertheless is inquisitive, thoughtful, friendly and helpful. Each of the other entities have their own personalities: Ruth is very extroverted, Stella intellectual and introverted and comes across as being very “proper”, and Grace is a borderline sociopath who has difficulty making emotional connections and usually communicates through violence.

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An elemental, Loki possesses mastery over fire and to some extent earth. She can fly, project a protective force field and fire bolts of searing flame. As she flies she does not become insubstantial but she does become very light and as a result strong winds can upset her in mid-air. Her other power is to increase her density, becoming tremendously strong and resilient to damage. The down side is she weighs several tons and her flesh becomes searing-hot, and her reflexes suffer. She is able to alter the level of density to some extent, so it is not all-or-nothing. Loki is able to control flame to some extent, igniting fires and putting them out. However, the larger the fire, the more difficult it is to control it.

Loki is able to see well into the infra-red portion of the spectrum. Loki is also resistant to temperature extremes, although extreme cold and water attacks can neutralize her powers for a short time. Being Loki’s host has a beneficial effect on her hosts, making them a touch more resilient to harm.

Loki has some sense of the supernatural, she is able to detect mystical beings and magic.

Where once each of the three personalities possessed unique powers none of them are able to use them now. They can speak Quebec French, Arabic and Spanish. She is a talented artist and witty writer and is a trained private investigator.


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