Karen Knight


Karen Knight is an attractive woman in her early forties, she has blonde hair and blue eyes and affects her own style, often wearing black, white and silver.


Karen Knight is the owner and CEO of Knight International, a multi-national tech conglomerate that has offices both world wide and in low orbit. The second of two children, her parents had been old money going back to Great Britain but much of it had been squandered by a series of poor investments. Her brother Keith had been a brilliant engineer who had generated enough capital to start his own company, Knight Industries. He had become the hero ORCA to prove the worth of his suit of powered armor but he had sadly died. His company would have gone under had it not been for Karen stepping in and salvaging it, selling off key patents for capital and then diversifying the company.

Today Knight International’s reach crosses many borders as well as up into space due in large part to Karen’s business acumen and some say ruthless drive for excellence.

Karen Knight

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