Isabelle Oleander

Magic Mile's "Mayor"


Isabelle is a handsome woman with thick, dirty blonde hair and blue-gray eyes. She is often seen wearing a top hat, high collared shirt and frock coat. She is often seen smoking fragrant cigars.



The “mayor” of the Magic Mile, Isabelle Oleander was, according to her, a simple shop owner, a seller of curios. In reality Isabelle is a dealer in magical artifacts and who seemed to sense what was going to happen to her neighborhood minutes before The Event took place and took measures to protect herself as best as she could. When things settled down she was instrumental in securing rights for “her people”, offering her services to aid in dealing with the more extreme creatures and peoples that threatened Motor City.

Isabelle comes across as friendly and open, but behind those eyes is a ruthless woman willing to do Anything at all to preserve her people and her district. She is a political predator and a powerful sorceress and woe be to anyone who gets in her way…

Isabelle Oleander

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