Grenade launching vigilante (NPC)


Lucas Ryan is a Caucasian male with rugged good looks. He keeps his sandy brown hair cut short and he has gray eyes. He stands six feet tall and possesses a powerful build. As Grenadier he wears city camouflage fatigues, sturdy combat boots and a helmet with a blurred, feature-obscuring face plate.


grenadier.jpgLucas is in excellent physical shape, maintained by regular exercise and a (mostly) healthy diet.

Skills: A trained Army soldier, Lucas possesses basic hand-to-hand fighting skills and is able to employ a wide variety of ranged weapons, from pistols, to rifles, to machine guns, to grenade launchers. Lucas has also been trained to operate basic Army vehicles and he is a skilled motorcycle rider from his time before joining the Army.

Lucas is a talented armorer, he also possesses some basic skill in automotive and motorcycle repair.

Lucas is fluent in Arabic and Spanish.

Lucas plans out his campaigns carefully. He is aware that he is going to be often out-numbered and out-gunned so he plans accordingly, working out escape routes, forming connections with paramedics that are willing to work off the books, people in the military willing to let a little ordnance disappear for the right price. He sometimes robs from drug dealers to fund his operations, while the rest goes to any of a half dozen charities. The police largely turn a blind eye to The Grenadier’s activities because he has always been meticulous in protecting innocents and has never killed. In a rough and tumble metropolis like Science City he is very low on their list of priorities.

Equipment: Lucas employs a high performance motorcycle to get around town on. He wears a costume consisting of duraweave and teflex, advanced bullet and shrapnel resistant materials. His helmet is made of kevlar and is equipped with an advanced communications suite that can be put on display to his fogged face plate. The plate gives him anti-glare protection as well as low light, infra red and telescopic abilities and he often wears a portable gas mask beneath it. Around his throat is a voice distorting device to give him a more menacing growl.

Lucas employs a six barrel grenade launcher. He avoids using lethal grenades so he stays on the good side of the police, so his conventional grenades are solid slug stun charges, tear gas, smoke. Still, he keeps on hand a few offensive and defensive fragmentary grenades, just in case things get hairy. He is also armed with a 15 round .45 caliber pistol.

Lucas is often outfitted with a variety of basic and easily accessible equipment (i.e. wire cutters, zip ties, etc.).

ORIGIN: Lucas had been a bit of a jock in high school, but he had not been good enough to earn a football scholarship. His best option was to join the Army and learn a trade. There he discovered that he had a talent for handling and taking care of firearms. He served his time and upon leaving the Army he had set up a plan to open up a gun store and shooting range with a friend. He had secured a loan from the bank, had the store purchased and things seemed to be going well.

And then one night when he was at a bar with friends a shoot out happened. The bar was sprayed with bullets and Lucas was almost shot in the head. His friend Ryan was not so lucky; he had taken two slugs in the chest and lay dead. The shooter got away and the police had no leads. Lucas decided to do something about it. His connections with the military allowed him to acquire some less than legal gear and he set about tracking down the shooter. He found the man and discovered why he had shot up the bar; it seemed he had been targeting one of the patrons and Lucas and is friend Ronald had simply been in the line of fire. Lucas had wanted to kill the man, to spill his brains all over the street. But he had seen a little too much of that sort of thing in the Afghanistan and he didn’t want to bring the war home with him. Instead he left the man at police headquarters with a printed out note explaining his connection to the shooting, and he let the man know what might happen to him if he did not confess.

The incident left Lucas still feeling a little jaded. The police weren’t perfect and despite Motor City being a great place to live there was a dirty underside no one really talked about, a place where crime thrived. Lucas decided maybe there was another war to fight and he decided to become the Grenadier part time.


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