David Herzog, Commander USN


David Herzog is a lean man in excellent physical shape, he stand five foot ten and has blue eyes with a mop of unruly blonde hair. While he does appear in Naval uniform when the occasion calls for it he is more often seen in public in conservative suits. In the field, when he is expecting action, he will wear whatever fatigues and equipment that are appropriate for the situation at hand.


David Herzog had been a member of a USN SEAL team, a tough and hard bastard sent on dangerous missions across the world. Hostage rescue, counter terrorism, reconnaissance and intelligence gathering, he had been involved in a wide variety of missions world wide. His team were among the few military units who had taken on “super villains” a time or two. When the Tandians launched their first assault on the planet Herzog and his SEAL team were among the numerous military units mobilized to resist them. A company of mer men stormed the beaches of San Francisco and Herzog’s team were among those resisting them. The mer men employed exotic weaponry, among them were poisonous darts. Herzog’s team were all struck by the darts and all were killed except for him and one other. Brief exposure to a mutagen months earlier, combined with the exotic poison, combined to give Herzog and his team member super powers.

Herzog was comatose for six months and afterword spent time rehabbing from his injuries and also learning how to use his new powers. He was also recruited into a government sponsored team of “super heroes” consisting of both military and law enforcement personnel. It all seemed above board, but what the public did not know was members of Herzog’s team had their own unique views on how to defend the United States from threats both foreign and domestic. They performed black ops that ultimately brought them in conflict with The Vindicators. Herzog managed to avoid any serious fallout and “Freedom League” was given a makeover, with Herzog being reassigned to other duties. Herzog realized he had become a potential embarrassment to some but he had made special arrangements to insure his death would release damaging information that would ruin his secret superiors. Herzog decided to re-invent himself and pulled some favors to get reassigned to military police duty. It meant in some ways he had to start at the bottom but he persevered and advanced. Herzog had long range plans and he knew a police background would serve it. He got married and adopted a more stable persona.

And now as head of Science City’s First Precinct it seemed his plans were coming to fruition…

impulse.jpgPOWERS AND SKILLS: David possesses the ability to rob persons and objects of their momentum, slowing them down and sometimes even freezing them in place. He is able to add that kinetic energy to himself, temporarily granting him super speed. Over the years Herzog had learned to rob momentum from multiple targets, although this requires more concentration.

Herzog is trained in diving, combat swimming, navigation, demolitions, weapons, and parachuting. He is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant and knows exactly how to exploit his super speed to his best advantage. His time working for military police has given him extensive knowledge regarding how to investigate a wide variety of criminal activities.

NOTE: When Herzog had been Impulse he had decided to give himself a more distinct look and had decided to wear an orange utility vest to look a touch less militaristic. When his team had clashed with The Vindicators the super hero Vortex, who was also a USN Commander, saddled Herzog with the nick-name “Crossing Guard”. The name haunted Herzog for years.

David Herzog, Commander USN

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