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cerulean_pose.jpgAge: 19
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 172lb
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde

Eileen is taller than average at five foot nine, but her height is mitigated a little by the fact that she carries a little more weight than popular media would have you believe is normal for a woman. She carries it well, however, being curvy and having a face a little more rounded that most. Her hair is blonde and wavy, worn just past her shoulders, and her eyes are a faded blue.

She likes to dress simply; jeans, tank tops, sneakers, with simple accessories and a big clunky bag to carry her things in. She doesn’t go in for heavy makeup, wearing just enough so her fair skin doesn’t appear washed out. She has a pair of tattoos, complex and oddly asymmetrical sigils, done in blue ink on the inside of each wrist.

As Cerulean, her proportions, hair, and skin tone don’t change, but her eyes fill with a featureless, brilliant blue. Her clothing is absorbed into a…skin, some sort of external substance that covers her nearly from head to toe, but can’t be removed like an outfit could. She has no idea what it’s made of, or what (if anything) the blue and gold patterning means, but it forms upon her whenever she assumes her power. Not only does it not provide her any protection beyond the basic insulating properties one would expect out of clothing, any contact with it feels to her the same as if it was against bare skin.


Power Descriptions:
Cerulean’s powers are…overt, and all take the form of a brilliant blue light. Her force field that blocks and deflects damage takes the form of a glowing blue aura; her method of flight leaves a brief glowing blue contrail; and she can emit this blue light focused to a variety of effects. Most impressively, to her altered eyes the light she sheds strips away all illusion and concealment, and so it’s quite difficult to catch her unawares in the heat of combat.

Eileen was born and raised in Boston, the youngest of her family. She had a fairly typical middle-class upbringing, and excelled in school due to the fact that an odd quirk of her brain allowed her to recall information in exacting detail – spending a couple of days reading a textbook allowed her to ace her testing. She never had to really put any effort into getting decent grades, much to the disgust of a number of her peers.

Life changed for Eileen, however, when she was thirteen. Her father, overweight and with a family history of heart disease, had a massive cardiac episode and passed away. Insurance, fortunately, covered the majority of the resulting bills and paid off the mortgage on their house, but her mother became the sole breadwinner for their sadly reduced family.

Life had really changed, though, perhaps two years ago, if one was going to be honest. Gathered at a friend’s house with a few of her circle of friends, the last thing she remembered of that evening was seeing that it was about 10:30pm – and then she awoke, at home, the following morning. She couldn’t remember anything further about that night, and she had no idea how she had gotten home. Far more unsettling was the fact that none of her friends remembered that they had been together at all, and the relevant parents seemed to be just as unaware.

…however, she does occasionally have fragmented dreams about a tall figure, too terrible to look at, and something about a task, and a promise, or maybe a…price? Prize? The fragments fade shortly after she awakens, but each time she has these dreams she realizes she’s had them before…until they fade again.

The pair of strange, complicated blue tattoos that had appeared on the insides of her wrists were almost a minor issue after that. She first scrubbed at them, hoping they were drawn on, but that proved to not be the case. They weren’t actual tattoos, lacking scabbing, itching, and redness of irritated and healing skin – they were just there, in her skin, and she stressed about why they there even as she tried to make sure she kept them hidden from her mother!

She didn’t even recall anymore just how it was she came to touch the two ‘tattoos’ together for the first time, but the results were immediate and undeniable. Her insides gave a strange lurch, like she was being turned inside-out, and with a flash of blue light she changed. Her terrified shriek completely blew her chances of keeping anything from her mother for any longer, and it was after a couple long and vigorously debated family meetings that the decision to get professional assistance in the matter was made.

In the process of interviewing for acceptance to Pure Power’s Plant it was determined that there was a mystical element to her new abilities, but apart from that everyone was still at a loss. She received training in her abilities at the Plant, giving her confidence and control over this mystery in her life. Hopefully over time, more details would come to light – no pun intended.

Personality & Motivation:
Eileen is still looking for an explanation as to how and why she received these powers, and in the interim is making sure she has a good handle on controlling them. She operates on a heroic level, in part, because that’s what people with powers do, and she in turns is terrified and greatly enjoys the chance to be one of the bright and shining people…again, no pun intended.

A child of social media and possessing a prodigious memory, she is very likely to have an appropriate response for just about any situation that can be tied to some sort of pop culture reference, and is more than likely to unleash it, regardless of the circumstances. She’s bright, cheerful, and completely unrepentant that she doesn’t quite fit the body image that society tries to tell people is the only acceptable one.

Powers & Tactics:
Cerulean gains little benefit from being up close and personal in a conflict, and so tends to keep her distance and take pot shots at viable targets with her light emissions. She’s better off avoiding direct hits than trying to be a brick wall, although her force field is certainly capable of mitigating the worst of what comes at her. She uses the mobility granted by her flight capabilities, but rarely goes any great distance from the ground if she can help it. As she has some offensive capabilities that are disabling without be injurious, she’s more prone than most to unleash her power when bystanders are at risk, should the situation demand it.

A font of mostly-useless knowledge and possessing a glib tongue, she’s quite good at distracting an opponent with outrageous patter, and rarely is quiet when there’s an opportunity to say something clever.


Secret: Identity. All too aware of the sort of information that can get out when one comes into the public eye, Eileen tries her hardest to keep details that could identify her to herself. In part for her own safety, of course, but largely to keep her mom and sister from coming under fire, either literally or metaphorically.

Weirdness Magnet: If something strange is going to happen in a random time and place, odds are better than random that Cerulean will be there by chance.

Phobia: Cerulean is afraid of deep water and of heights, despite the fact that she has the capacity to fly. The method being under her own power makes no difference over the inarguable truth that she doesn’t like being up high – the fact that there’s nothing between her and the ground except a cheerful glow doesn’t make things any better!

Mystery: The origins of her powers is an enigma to her, and she’s desperately curious as to how and why she acquired them. Any scenario that suggests it might provide some of this sought-after information is very difficult for her to resist investigating.


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