Ava Addison

Mayoral Candidate (NPC)


Ava is a handsome woman in her early fifties, with stylish blonde hair and pretty blue eyes. She dresses well, if conservatively.


Hailing from the frozen wastelands of the Upper Pennisula, Ava Addison was born and raised in Houghton, MI. She proved from an early age to have a head for finance as well as an understanding of big business. She worked her way up the corporate ladder at Optimum Industries, proving to be a canny and ruthless business executive who was able to retire by the time she was fifty. She entered politics, becoming a city councilwoman when the man who served her district had to retire due to health reasons. Ava showed good judgment and was able to work well with others, earning the respect of allies and rivals alike.

It was her ability to handle herself at City Hall that earned her the attention of certain political forces in Science City, men and women who felt perhaps it was time for a change in the Mayoral office…

Ava Addison

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